Dragons’ Den Tv Duncan Bannatyne & James Caan Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success

Dragons_1613905cAnyone who has studied the sixth century BC Art of War strategies from Master Sun Tzu, will recognise many of his strategies which appear to have been adopted by Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan in the Dragons’ Den TV series.

One can only marvel at the way these two Dragon investors team up to grab some of the more lucrative investment proposals from under the noses of fellow Dragons Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden.

It is this precise skill which has helped turn the Dragons’ Den TV series into compulsive viewing.

Although Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan are described as Investor Dragons, I feel certain they would be equally comfortable being described as dragon slayers.

Few successful business magnates like James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne get to achieve their outstanding success without possessing a dragon slayers mind-set.

One has only to witness some of the less than professional entrepreneurs pitching for investment from the Dragons’ Den (DD) to see the scathing attacks on their lack of business professionalism from both Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan.

On some occasions it often appears to be a competition for who can deliver the most effective verbal put down to the entrepreneurs pitching for investment.

For example Theo Paphitis often informs people pitching that he would rather stick pins in his eyes than risk his children’s inheritance on the entrepreneur.

Deborah Meaden offers entrepreneurs enough rope to either save themselves, or hang themselves. She dismisses pitch candidates with the upraised palm of her hand and a stinging remark like, “You have made yourself completely un-investable.”

Peter Jones quite often berates entrepreneurs who have attended their Dragons’ Den TV pitch while unsuitably dressed.

He has repeatedly remarked how incredible it is that people turn up asking the Dragons for hundreds of thousands of pounds investment, and yet they appear in casual clothes or even worse in jeans.

As the latest Dragon to enter the Dragons’ Den James Caan still appears quite dignified in his dismissal of entrepreneurs. Although his patience does seem to wear a bit thin when faced with an entrepreneur who has no real grasp of business, but is pitching for his money.

Perhaps it’s his gravely Scottish voice that seems to cut through aspiring entrepreneurs like a knife through butter. But when Duncan Bannatyne dismisses people, they know they’ve been dismissed.

Viewers will hardly forget when Duncan Bannatyne felt one pitch was such a waste of money that he picked up Theo Paphitis stack of cash notes, and marched up to the guy pitching and dumped the money in a bin he was promoting.

Business fans of the DD TV series will be watching the new eighth series of DD 2010 to see if any new dragon slayers get Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis or Deborah Meaden to part with their hard earned children’s inheritance.

For business owners looking for tips for business success, there is nothing better than watching the DD. Grow your business by watching Duncan Bannatyne & James Caan in action.’

Dragons’ Den TV: Duncan Bannatyne Profile

Duncan Bannatyne appears to be the most popular member of The Dragons online. Over 33,100 people search for the name Duncan Bannatyne every month, and a further 22,200 search for the key phrase Bannatyne Duncan on Google. Add hundreds of other popular search engines into the mix and you will see just how popular Duncan Bannatyne is.

Duncan Bannatyne Art Of War Business Strategy #1: Harness The Power Of Teams

Although the phrase, “No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, team work and determination, a person can overcome anything,” doesn’t come from Duncan Bannatyne. It is especially relevant to the professional business demeanour he displays in DD TV.

Viewers of the DD will have witnessed Duncan Bannatyne drilling down through an entrepreneurs pitch to identify the team members behind the business.

Duncan Bannatyne Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #1: Be Prepared

Duncan Bannatyne Art Of War Business Strategy #2: Excesses Spell Trouble

During one episode of the DD TV it was a joy to watch the faces of fellow Dragons Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and James Caan as Duncan Bannatyne outlined how excesses spell trouble. He cited the paper clips example at one of his companies.

Duncan Bannatyne apparently refused to allow the business procurement officer to buy any paper clips for the office, as he felt his staff should simply use the paper clips from old files.

Duncan Bannatyne is known for keeping a careful eye on finances and spending, so woe betides anyone pitching for his money that is looking to buy huge volumes of stock or products, even though they haven’t identified a buyer for them.

Many aspiring dragon slayers have had their dreams smashed into oblivion by adopting this approach with Duncan Bannatyne. Viewers of the new DD 2010 will no doubt be looking for victims who don’t grasp the concept of excesses spell trouble.

Duncan Bannatyne Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #2: Know your Financial Figures

Duncan Bannatyne Art Of War Business Strategy #3: Do Your Due Diligence

As one of the original DD TV investors, Duncan Bannatyne is well aware of the need for in-depth due diligence. Frequently you will see Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and James Caan look to Duncan Bannatyne as he probes for due diligence answers.

Sun Tzu warned against remaining in ignorance of the enemies’ condition because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honours and emoluments. He stressed that considering the cost of war, it is the height of inhumanity not to pay for knowledge that will assist victory.

Dragon slayers beware, any tips for business success on the DD, especially the new Dragon’s Den 2010 series will only forthcoming if the Dragons feel you will pass due diligence.

Duncan Bannatyne Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #3: Know your competition

The Dragons’ Den James Caan Profile

Since his first appearance in third series of the DD, James Caan has become a very popular member of the DD TV series. Over 90,500 people search for the name James Caan every month. Although this figure is grossly distorted due to most of these searches being for James Caan the Hollywood actor.

However a further 2,400 searches for the key phrase James Caan Dragons Den, occur every month on Google. Considering Google is only one of several major search engines online this offers a clear indication of James Caan’s increasing popularity.

James Caan Art Of War Business Strategy #1: Employ The Right People For The Job

In the DD TV series, many aspiring dragon slayers pitch to the likes of James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne. Frequently these would be dragon slayers run small to medium sized business enterprises staffed by friends and family members.

This tactic is not always endorsed by business magnates like Peter Jones,Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden. The loose investment partnership of James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne seem to understand that one of the DD tips for business success, is the real need to employ the right people for the job.

James Caan Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #1: Find A Business That Both Interests & Excites You

James Caan Art Of War Business Strategy #2: Go Where There Is No Competition

Many business owners will be studying the new Dragon’s Den 2010 series. A large number of business growth consultants I have spoken to anticipate one of the new tips for business success to be delivered to aspiring dragon slayers will be, to go where there is no competition.

Labelled The People’s Investor, James Caan will no doubt agree with this tactic, maybe more so than his fellow Dragons, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden. Although he is the latest Dragon to appear in the DD, James Caan will be a tough opponent for any dragon slayers.

James Caan Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #2: Develop Your Own Style, Personality & Confidence

James Caan Art Of War Business Strategy #3: Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Viewers of the DD TV will know that James Caan is no advocate of underestimating any business opponent.

In fact in previous episodes of the DD James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne have aligned together to snatch a lucrative investment opportunity from under the noses of rivals Theo Paphitis, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.

James Caan can only have ever achieved this by not under estimating his opponents on Dragons’ Den TV.

James Caan Dragon Slayers Tips For Business Success #3: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Tip: Dragon slayers beware, the new Dragon’s Den 2010 series is scheduled for broadcast in 2010.

Author bio: Osborn Montague is a freelance writer at Dissertation-topics.net and a student of Stark State College.

The concept of currency relationships in the fundamental analysis of the Forex

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Sliding correlation – this kind of change in behavior of the currency pairs, which is manifested not immediately, but after some time. With this kind of relationship you have to be very careful and make sure that the connection really is.

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Most Favoured Economies in SA by Investors

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Chile – This nation wasn’t branded as the “Switzerland of the South” just because it boasts breath-taking sceneries akin to the Swiss’. Yes, it has strength similar to Switzerland in terms of foreign direct investment, ease of doing business, stability, efficiency, and government. All these good points enabled Chile to achieve a whopping consecutive 5% GDP growth forecasts in recent years. Thus, if you’re looking for the best country to invest in South America -Chile should be it.

Peru – A tourism industry that grows stronger each year and an abundant supply makes Peru attractive for investors. In fact, this nation’s most value trading partner is none other than the current largest economy in the world which is China! So long as Machu Picchu doesn’t lose its shine for tourists, so does the tourism industry.

Suriname – If you have a certain infatuation to precious metals and other commodities in South America, Suriname should be at the top of your list. Recent survey on this peaceful nation shows that there are large veins of gold waiting to be discovered. In the near future, Suriname may turn into a major gold producer.

Brazil – You’re probably wondering why the largest economy has been mentioned last. While it is indeed the largest economy in the south, the disappointing ease of doing business, corrupt government, bad tax policies, and layers and layers of red tapes impedes its economy to grow.

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